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Wireless costs are often significantly higher than rates for land lines 

Take an important free step to help rein in excessive, unnecessary spending


The proliferation of smart phones means escalating expenses and  the challenge of solving complex cost control issues.  If you qualify for our free analysis, you'll receive a complimentary cell phone optimization plan that typically will reduce you monthly bill by savings averaging over 20 - 30% per month -- often by as much as 30 - 40%. The plan will be developed based on an analysis of 3 months of invoices from your cell phone company or companies.

Do you qualify?

To participate in the free study, your company must be a private or public organization with at least 150 cell phones and other wireless devices under management.

If you qualify, don't delay:

Organizations' wireless plans are analyzed in the order that requests are received. As the waiting time for this analysis increases, we may decide to charge for it. 

And since you have nothing to lose -- except for the extra money spent each month on a non-optimal cell phone plan ... You should act now.

To register for your free wireless plan analysis and consultation, phone us at

Your complimentary Wireless Optimization Plan Analysis typically includes:

» Recommendations for Voice/Data plan options

» Identification of redundant wireless devices, or wireless devices without usage ( it’s often found that cell phone carriers are billing you for devices that are not being used)

» Suggestions for improvements to feature plans and usage efficiency

» Identification of applicable Business Plan Discounts

» Reports on Voice & Data errors and overages

» Needs Analysis for Equipment Protection/Insurance

» Suitability of unpublished plans and discount programs

Take the first step: Control the rising costs of your mobile communications infrastructure. Our complimentary analysis will show you how.