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MPLS Network

Secure Network with Traffic Separation using Priorities



  • A dedicated built-in level of network security.
  • Any-to-any connectivity, including voice, data, and video conferencing.
  • Scalability to support both large and small VPN deployments and to enable connectivity to multiple sites.
  • High flexibility with strength in disaster recovery. For example, MPLS networks are very robust and well suited to cope with the loss of a single processing center.
  • Easily allows for deployment of value-added features, including CoS (Class of Service) allowing you to assign different priorities to voice, transaction processing, video and other data.

MPLS Circuit costs consist of two components: the (DSL, T1, EoC, Fiber Ethernet, DS3, or whatever) circuit cost plus the cost of the MPLS service. The MPLS service pricing varies among the different carriers. It could be around $50 to $200 per circuit depending on exactly which MPLS services are required.


For more info, go to MPLS Networks. Use MPLS Quotes to request which carriers offer the best network coverage for your locations and to request their pricing.

A cutting edge development is the SDN (Software Defined Network). In many cases, SD-WAN is replacing MPLS or at least supplementing it. Some reasons are

  • SD-WANs can be configured and changed much more quickly than their MPLS counterparts
  • SD-WANs are usually less expensive than MPLS Networks, especially on a lifetime basis
  • SD-WANs can be designed to be more reliable than MPLS

Some consider MPLS to be a legacy technology. However, there are applications where MPLS is very appropriate; e.g., some Western organizations with locations in China find that MPLS is the best networking approach for their needs.

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