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Voice Lines can be POTS, VoIP, Hosted PBX, Voice T1, SIP Trunking or PRI Lines

Persimmon Telecommunications helps you choose the Best Phone Service or Voice Plan for Your Needs and offers you the best option at the lowest price. If you know which service you want, go directly to POTS Service , VoIP options or to  Hosted PBX, Voice T1 and PRI quotes.
There are usually advantages gained by a business using VoIP or a Hosted PBX in place of POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service).
In many cases, offices with 4 or more phone lines, find that a cost effective solutions in Integrated T1s, Converged Circuits, or Bundled circuits. An Integrated T1 is set up to use part of the T1 bandwidth for phone service and the rest of the T1 bandwidth for Internet Access. Usually Integrated T1s are implemented with DBA (Dynamically Bandwidth Allocation). DBA allows any bandwidth set aside for a voice line to be used for Internet Access if the phone line is not off hook. Converged circuits are Integrated circuits; however, the terminology is typically applied to fiber circuits. Bundled circuits is pricing terminology where discounts are given when you purchase 2 or 3 of the following products bundloed together: voice lines, internet access, and/or TV service. You can see which Integrated T, Converged, and Bundled options are available for your location at the T1 Real-Time Line Service Quote site by choosing "Integrated (Bundled Data/Voice)" on the drop down menu. Depending on the carrier or cable company, Integrated, Converged, or Bundled service can often be ordered with an analog handoff, a voice T1 digital handoff, or a PRI handoff.
For offices with more than 8 or 12 phone lines and/or a large amount of chargeable outbound and/or inbound calls, a dedicated phone service, either Voice T1 or PRI, is sometimes the most cost effective solution. Specifics are very much location dependent; they are dependent on which carriers and cable companies serve your location and which plans they offer in that area. A Voice T1 has 24 phone lines. A PRI is a Voice T1 where one of the 24 lines is used for control and other information; a PRI handoff is normally used if CallerID is desired. Normally, chargeable calls are significantly less expensive on a dedicated service versus POTS.
Voice T1s and PRIs can be either local or long distance. Local versions have DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing numbers. Long Distance versions have extremely attractive long distance rates for outgoing calls and/or inbound toll free calls. Long Distance T1s and PRIs are not used for incoming local calls and do not have DIDs. Outgoing calls are all charged as long distance calls even if they are to a local number.
Those with heavy call volumes, and/or who wish to have a local presence in other parts of the world (DIDs from various parts of the world), may find SIP Trunking to be the best solution. Contact us for more info on SIP Origination and SIP Termination options.
Real-Time Quotes for Integrated T1s, Local and Long Distance Voice T1s and PRIs are available at the